BetteBack October 28, 1982: Is Bette’s Career In Trouble?

Salina Journal
October 28, 1982


Q. We haven’t heard much about Bette Midler lately. Is her music -and movie career in trouble? — M.M.

A. Musically, Bette hasn’t been all that active of late, and her movie career is no great shakes either. The Divine One’s latest flick, “Jinxed,” is out and word on the movie isn’t encouraging. I caught a sneak preview, and was surprised to see that Bette doesn’t do much singing in the film, in which she plays ironically a would-be singerdancer in Las Vegas who’s kept by a gambler. The movie also stars Ken Wahl and Rip Torn. The film was difficult to make, mostly because of Bette’s temperamental outbursts. Now, I’m afraid, it’s proving difficult to watch. Let’s hope that Midler’s career isn’t
jinxed at this stage

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