BetteBack May 2, 1980: Bette Signs Autographs For “View From A Broad”

Elyria Chronicle Telegram
May 2, 1980


BETTE’S BROAD BOOK: When Bette Midler showed up Thursday at B. Dalton bookstore in New York to autograph copies of her book, “View From a Broad,” she did it in style. “The Divine Miss M” wore a miniature typewriter with a veil on her head and scribbled away for three and a half hours before the last customer approached. But he didn’t have a copy of her book.
He had a battered old paperback edition of “Death of a Salesman.” Eyeing weary book sellers who had moved more than 1,100 copies of her work, she found it appropriate – said, “not only am I gonna sign it, I’m gonna write an inscription.” And she did — but only the Arthur Miller fan knows what it said.

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