BetteBack May 13, 1977: Ya Get Me Or Ya Don’t

Columbus Telegram
Divine versatility
May 13, 1977

Bette Midler may well be the most versatile star of the ’70s. With two albums ready for release, a TV special scheduled for the f a l l, three movie contracts with Columbia, and a possible lead in the New York City Ballet‘s production of “the Seven Deadly Sins” — it’s getting harder and harder to define just what sort of performer she is.

“I’m very dedicated to my work,” says Midler in an interview in Stereo Review. “I really LOVE my work. I look at pictures and films and other performers — anything to get ideas. I try constantly to keep my mind going.”

Despite her fascination with other performers. Midler’s style is uniquely her own. “All my
r e c o r d s  h a v e atmosphere.” says the . “When you put one on. you know it’s me. Because there ain’t nobody else in the world who’s gonna make records like that — nobody makes them. They’re either not interested or they don’t know how.”

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