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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Did You Know Bette Midler Contributed Lyrics To Dr. John’s Classic Hit “Right Place, Wrong Time”? (Video Included) – One Of My All Time Favorite Songs!

Offbear Magazine
300 Songs For 300 Years: Keyboardists

Jerry Wexler, Bette Midler, and Dr John

“Right Place, Wrong Time”
Dr. John, 1973

This track was a high-water mark for New Orleans music in the ’70s, putting Dr. John, Allen Toussaint and the Meters into the Top Ten at once (the single peaked at number nine). Unlike all other Dr. John albums, the two he made with Toussaint (In the Right Place and Desitively Bonnaroo) were full collaborations that featured Rebennack mainly just as writer and singer; the funky electric piano on this song was Toussaint and the Meters provided the groove (the guitar solo was a New York session guy, David Spinozza). The Doctor had some high-profile help with the lyrics pf this song: According to his autobiography, Bob Dylan came up with “I was on the right trip, but it must have been the wrong car”; Bette Midler followed with “My head was in a bad place, I don’t know what it’s there for”; Texas legend Doug Sahm kicked some words in as well. The daring-for-the-charts line about “the right vein, must have been the wrong arm” was apparently Rebennack’s own. He also claimed that the line about “needing a little brain salad surgery” (yes, the line Emerson, Lake & Palmer borrowed for an album title) was Ninth Ward neighborhood slang for oral sex, but it’s hard to imagine anybody else dreaming that one up. Read More

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