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With the possible exception of Betteís youngest fans, our initial exposure to Bette Midler was through her music. For many of us, from the first moment we heard that amazing, heavenly voice, our fate was sealed. Our "fatal attraction" to all things divine was immediately and permanently imbedded into our beings.

In this section of my website, I will be sharing a plethora of reviews dealing with Betteís body of work in Music and Concerts. And, my goodness gracious...what a body it IS! Now, before you get your dander up, let me qualify that statement. While Bette is proud of her "pretty legs & great big knockers" (justifiably so), and gleefully nods to this as a contributing factor in her ascent to stardom, her fans know the truth. It is really those amazing set of pipes that have us lining up in droves time and time again. Thatís what keeps us cominí back for more, Miss M. And donít you forget it now...ya hear?!

If we agree with the notion that music is nourishment for the soul, then Bette Midler has indeed laid before us the ultimate banquet; which I admit to feasting on in gluttonous abandon.

Artwork: Tom Miro

Just like a starving soul in Ethiopia, or one struggling with a severe eating disorder, the more she offers, the more I crave...the more I need...the more I canít get enough of. But, enough about me. What do you think about my addiction to Miss M and her music? Never mind. Donít bother answering that. My feelings are crushed much too easily.

Besides, we are supposed to be talking about reviews, right? As devoted fans, we know that Miss M is vastly superior to other artists on the market today, peddling their music for the world to appreciate and admire. But, what do the critics have to say about it? Thatís what our inquiring minds want to know. If they are experts in their field, then surely they are all discerning enough to recognize the divinity lurking amidst all the paint and makeup; nestled alongside the trash with flash and sleaze with ease...arenít they?

Disappointingly, the answer to that question is: no. Not all of the music critics are as enchanted with Bette Midler as we are, it would seem. Shocking as it may be, and hard to fathom, there are a few deviants out there who are completely immune to the charms and magic of Miss M and her music. Who knew?!?

Some of the reviews youíll read here are exceptionally brilliant and insightful. These are bound to bring a smile to your face. Perhaps they will even have you jumping for joy, or dancing a little jig of ecstasy if you are prone to that sort of thing. Since this is the music section, please, feel free to release your exuberance and pleasure through such physical expression. By all means. Be my guest. Have at it, Girlfriend...Boyfriend...Bettehead friend!

But, be forewarned, there are also reviews included here that may leave you angry and frustrated. You will probably conclude that the reviewer is a complete and utter imbecile. Or, that he/she is unfairly biased in regard to Miss M and her music, and just has an axe to grind. Perhaps you will be filled with the strong desire to seek out that particular critic and throttle the tarnation out of him/her. While this reaction is perfectly understandable, it is not the kind of physical expression encouraged or endorsed by this website. Try listening to some of Betteís music instead. That should sooth you. It will make you forget all about the incomprehensible automatons of the world, who are blind to the divine light that radiates from Miss Mís being.

Special acknowledgment and kudos goes out to Darrell Redmond and his mind-blowingly beautiful website, Bette on The Boards. You will see it referenced and linked to often, for he has put together the most extensive collection of sound clips, videos, and reviews of Betteís early recordings available on the web today. Acknowledgment also goes out to (a website for the fans who need to know every word that Bette is singing) and to All Music Guide and All Movie Guide for their tremendous amount of information about Miss M.

With that said...enjoy the reviews and enjoy the music. Peace. Over and out.

Love, Mr D.
(with a little spit and polish from Snook; mostly spit!)