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Lucky you! Youíve wandered into the Bette Midler in Films, TV and Theater review section.

I have to say that I have mixed emotions about this part of the website. I am filled with equal amounts of excitement and trepidation.

The excitement of course, is from being able to share even more writings about the Divine Miss M with you. The apprehension that I feel, comes from worrying about what might result from these offerings.

After all, if any of these reviews motivate you to turn off the computer and tune in to one of these classic Bette movies and specials, then you will no longer be at my website.

And, if you are not online visiting me, then, where am I and what am *I* doing?! So you see? My misgivings are not unfounded.

Still, who among us can resist the magnetic pull, the glitz and glamour of the big screen, the little screen, and all the screens to be seen in-between those screens? ;o) And, speaking of screens, who are these people that screen upcoming film releases and then write about them? And, what is it that makes what they have to say so important? How much value can be placed on their opinions and observations??

Iíve been an avid reader of reviews since I picked up my first Rolling Stone magazine. I wonít say how long ago that was, but I think it cost me a quarter. ;o) When I was younger, I took the reviews much more seriously than I do now. I experienced feelings of elation and pride when I read a review about Bette that was glowing and I would become indignant and outraged by reviews that I felt were unkind or unflattering.

I still love reading and comparing reviews, but I donít get quite as emotionally involved with their assessments anymore. Maybe Iíve mellowed with age. Or, maybe Iíve become wiser; developed a greater perspective. The more reviews I read, the more familiar I become with, and appreciate, the distinct personalities of each critic. They all have their own likes and dislikes. Some are extremely good at constructive criticism, while others seem to have particular biases that are all too apparent in their writing.

But, on reflection, being a movie critic probably isnít as easy as one would guess. Have you ever contemplated sitting all day in one of those glute-numbing theater seats? That would be enough to make any person cranky, I would think. Also, hours on end spent gorging on outrageously price-inflated candies is bound to produce a sour disposition along with a sour tummy. And, as respected as a critic might be, there will always be some wiseacres that greet the review with the ever annoying, "yes, but Ebert said..." (unless, of course, you are Ebert, and in that case, I would just like to say that itís an honor, sir, and is the Chicago Sun-Times hiring?) ;o)

Critics...what more can be said? We love em, we hate em. Some seem exceptionally brilliant and insightful (those being the ones that share our views) and others appear to be unbelievably moronic (those whose opinions are in direct opposition to ours). I could on and on about reviews and critics in general (and I do, in the music and concerts section) but right now Iím thinking that we should make some popcorn. Yes, we will definitely need popcorn. Because, once we start reading these reviews, both positive and negative, we will not be able to suppress the urge to turn away from the computer (sigh), turn on the televison and DVD player and re-watch our favorite Bette movies and television specials.

So, I guess that means...Iíll see you after the show?

Love, Mr D
(with a little spit and polish from Snook; mostly spit!) ;o)