Famed Critic Pauline Kael Speaking Of Bette Midler In “Divine Madness”

: I remember the time was on Tom Snyder’s old talk show. He asked her who should win the in 1979. Without pause she said for the Rose. She said I haven’t heard lines read like that in decades and if she doesn’t win the Oscars mean nothing. This was when critics had considerable power over what was a hit or miss in movies She was considered one of the greatest critics. Check out some books on her. said he sat next to her in . She was a big Bette Midler fan before the movies. She was upset with the end product of because of the editing and how they ended the movie. She said a real Bette Midler concert would not end like that. It would end up with a happy, upbeat song, like “Friends” After she saw Jinxed, she was sure Hollywood would ruin the Bette we knew growing up. That’s me hearsay and gossip. IF I’m wrong Bruce, let me know. It’s been a while and I might have succumbed to the Telephone Game.

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