Season’s Greetings – Bette Midler

Season’s Greetings –

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2 Responses to Season’s Greetings – Bette Midler

  1. Mister D says:

    Thank you so much Brian Merry Christmas to you too. I had the flu and missed the holiday so today I finally feel enough to go…we’ll get tp have two Christmases. Darrell took down his site about a year of so ago. Not really sure why……….He had really high expectations for the site, but I don’t think he thought the fans were grateful enough, do he judt pulled the plsu. I kind of knew this would a happem. He didn’t like any of her work aftern Art or Bust. Don cc

  2. Brian says:

    Merry Christmas Mr D, thanks for your hard work keeping us informed throughout the year!

    I have been meaning to ask, do you know what happened to Bette On The Boards? It now just diverts to Miss M’s site. As with your site, this was an awesome and important chronology of Bette’s early career.

    Anyway, wishing you and your family/friends all the best and looking forward to seeing where Bette will be going next (how can she top the year of Dolly? I have a sneaky feeling she will!)