Check Out The Bette Midler Jukebox For February


For tons of Bette Midler Music: New, Live, & Otherwise, Check Out The Jukebox For February. The Jukebox Gets Changed Out Monthly So It’s Always Playing. Pick And Choose The Songs You Like Or Just Let It Play!

To ListenL Click Here

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2 Responses to Check Out The Bette Midler Jukebox For February

  1. Mister D says:

    I agree

  2. RJGinNV says:

    It seems like the studio version of “For Free” could have easily made it into the Divine Miss M Deluxe edition. I can’t help but think that there were probably other early songs/recordings that might have made its way into the studio, such as “Chattanooga Choo Choo” or “Easier Said Than Done” that didn’t quite get to vinyl/CD. Here’s hoping for that “box set”. There’s just so much more, such as the infamous Motown Sessions that I would love to see the light of day.