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  1. Georgia Finau says:

    I know this is a fan club site. Please share my comment with the Divine Miss M. Please? Thank you

  2. Georgia Finwhere says:

    Dear Divine Miss M: My name is Georgia Finau I’m 64 years old and I live in Juneau,Alaska. I have many of your albums, cassettes and CD’s. Over these past years I have enjoyed your music tremendously. I am Alaska Native and my tribe is Tlingit and Tsimpshian. I was born and raised in Ketchikan Alaska. I am sure that you get many requests for donations! Alaska Natives go to our local tribal clinic. Funding comes from Indian Health Service (IHS). . . There is part of our clinic that works on finding other $$ sources to help pay for glasses, partials, dentures, hearing aids and other items not covered by IHS. Our tribal clinic serves the Southeast Alaska villages. These are small villages where the cost of fuel and food is outrages. In some instances an Elder may need to make the decision to buy food or fuel. I know that some children with crooked teeth would benefit from braces. A great smile brings so much confidence. Substance abuse is very high and has destroyed many families. I would welcome the opportunity to tell you more. Please consider “HEALING HANDS” a charity you could support. I can be reached at 9077230752. Thank you for listening and come and visit our part of the world. Thank you Georgia Finau.

  3. Mister D says:

    No…this is a fan site. Don

  4. Darcy says:

    Is this Bette

  5. Darcy says:

    Is this Bette??

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