Betteback February 27, 1983: David Keith On Working With Bette In “The Rose”

Syracuse Herald American
February 27, 1983


He did his first film, “The Rose,” with Bette Midler, and, unlike some others who have worked with the lady, speaks well of her.

“When I was a sophomore in college, I slept overnight in an alley just to get tickets to one of her concerts, so when I was given a role in her film, I thought it was super,” he said.

“It was wonderful working with her. She did get mad, but every time she did, she was dead right. She said the plane was wrong, and it was.

After she complained about it, it was redone to look like a hippie lived in it.”

He admits, however, that all those stories about Midler’s bouts with her agent are true.

“It was very juvenile. They’d stop the car and yell at each other across the hood, but they were lovers, too, you know.”

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