BetteBack February 6, 1983: Reformed Alkie?

Santa Ana Orange County Register
February 6, 1983


Q. Is it true that Bette Midler is one of Hollywood‘s famous reformed alkies?

A. “No,” says the ., who no longer drinks alcoholic beverages. “I just didn’t have a tolerance for it.
I’m an extremely cheap drunk and a vocal one. 1 didn’t get enough out of it. It was too high a price to pay … My body couldn’t take it anymore, couldn’t take the hangovers. When 1 get a hangover, that pit opens up and 1 might as well just kill myself right then and there. There’s no reason to go on. I’m utterly worthless — that’s how it affects me … In the early days, I used to smoke dope and drink stingers before I worked.”

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