BetteBack October 29, 1982: Jinxed ~ A Shizoid Little Movie

Mount Carmel Daily Republican Register
October 29, 1982


JINXED” is a schizoid film that travels agreeably on a melodramatic course, then veers disastrously into comedy. The first two-thirds provide a variation on the “Double Indenmity”- “The Postman Always Rings Twice” theme. Small-time gambler Rip Tom holds a jinx on blackjack dealer Ken Wahl and hounds him from one Nevada town to another. To break the jinx, Wahl romances Tom’s mistress, Bette Midler — a sometime singer in gambling lounges. Tired of Tom’s brutish behavior, she enlists Wahl to murder him. So far OK. But then the brisk direction of Don Siegel turns mushy, and Miss Midler is led through a long, unfunny and incoherent end to the plot.

A subdued Bette Midler — she sings only a couple of songs — shows a degree of vulnerability, but she can’t fight her way out of the muddle. Wahl displays star quality, and Tom is an amusing heavy, but he is required to play the most visible cadaver since Richard Mulligan in “S.O.B.” Rated R for language and moral tone.

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