BetteBack July 19, 1982: Jinxed Pushed Back To October

Santa Ana Orange County Register
July 19, 1982


FEAST OR FAMINE: Bette Midler will really have cause for depression if her “Jinxed” flick doesn’t become a major box office hit. Because the way things are stacking up, it’s going into the marketplace when competition couldn’t get much weaker.

The Midler movie (originally scheduled for release this spring, then pushed back until summer and, recently, until October), is going to be one of just 17 features that will be unveiled by Hollywood studios between late September and the Christmas season.

Most of the rest are low-budget, no-name productions — many of such questionable potential that plans for wide release won’t be made until audience interest is gauged in a few key, big-city markets.

Universal has one feature slated for autumn distribution: the grisly “Halloween III.

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