BetteBack January 13, 1982: Ken Wahl

Elyria Chronicle Telegram
January 13, 1982


YOU KNOW, of course, the divine Miss MBette Midler — and her co-star Ken Wahl area Don’t Invitem. How could they be anything else since the tempestuous making of the United Artists moyie “Jinxed,” in which Bette is said easily to have outstripped Barbra Streisand in her demanding perfectionist attitudes? (Well
what’s wrong with that?!)

Ken went away from the film saying that kissing his co-star was impossible unless he made believe she was his dog. Now, her lawyer sent a letter ‘Ken’s way, advising him not to “badmouth” her anymore in interviews on pain of something or other.

Ken, predicted for superstardom ever since “The Wanderers” and “Fort Apache – the Bronx,” is said to have grinned and quipped: “Don’t make me laugh, my lips are chapped.

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6 Responses to BetteBack January 13, 1982: Ken Wahl

  1. Mr. D, why do you keep posting old articles on Miss M’s problems with Ken Wahl? “Jinxed” wasn’t a hit, why call attention to it co-star?

    By the way, do you have a today picture of Wahl?

    Do you know he’s married to a Barbi Twin?


  2. Mister D says:

    I’ve been going through the history of Miss M in chronological order starting in 1972….we’re just in the part of history now when Jinxed was made….no, don’t have a photo of him, but yes i knew he married a Barbi…lol xx

  3. I see. Then, please, don’t stay too long reminiscing about Ken Wahl’s quotes and views. How about less gossip pieces and more critic reviews on the film. I know they aren’t going to be nice, but at least the movie is a better subject than Miss M’s feud with Ken Wahl.


  4. Mister D says:

    I’m going in order of the news archives…the movie reviews should be coming soon. This site has always shown the ups and downs of Bette’s career.

  5. stephen says:

    Keep em coming Don. Love all the history, good and bad.

  6. Mister D says:

    I’m trying xx