BetteBack November 8, 1981: Meat Loaf On “The Rose”

Lawrence Journal World
November 8, 1981


These days, Meat is also branching out from vinyl to celluloid. In 1979 he was featured in two movies, Americathon and Roadie, which also starred Blondie’s Deborah Harry. He’s just finished a new film, to come out next spring, called Dead Ringer (like the album). Meat plays two roles — himself and Marvin, the singer’s biggest fan. “It’s a comedy version of The Rose,” he explains. “That movie really depressed me. I thought Bette Midler was great but the concept was stupid because everything was a downer. Who would want to be in this business if it was all like The , if there was no fun at all?

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One Response to BetteBack November 8, 1981: Meat Loaf On “The Rose”

  1. stephen says:

    Whatever, Loaf!