BetteBack September 4, 1981: Bette Loses “Dry Hustle” Part

Santa Fe New Mexican
September 4, 1981


Bette Midler, who’s been causing headaches on “Jinxed,” won’t have a chance to cause them in the film adaptation of “Dry Hustle.” Producer Michael VIner was developing the property for her. but is now shopping for a new leading lady and says, “After having Bette do a different 90-to 180-degree turn at every conference, I decided I’d rather not make the movie at all than make It with her. Life is too
short for so much aggravation.”

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Buster Burns
August 8, 2013 10:22 am

Never hear of “Dry Hustle”…and I find Mr. Viner to be a real A-hole! <3