BetteBack August 20, 1981: Hurricane Bette stirs up storm

Salina Journal
August 20, 1981


HOLLYWOOD (UPI) – Herb Jaffe, producer of Bctte Midler’s new movie “Jinxed,” isn’t upset that the film is being called the new “Heaven’s Gate” — in other words, a big budget fiasco.

“First of all, I gave it the name before we started producing,” Jaffe told the show business weekly Variety. “I called it the Jewish ‘Heaven’s Gate’ (Miss Midler is Jewish) because it would seem to “be fraught with all kinds of peril. But it turned out it’s not.”

Jaffe didn’t even bother denying reports the “Divine Bette” has been less than saintly on the set, driving her coworkers crazy as she overzealously tries to take charge. “When did she change?” Jaffe asked. “You talk as if suddenly the moon comes out at night.

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4 Responses to BetteBack August 20, 1981: Hurricane Bette stirs up storm

  1. Buster Burns says:

    Well, Mr. D…apparently he is living in the past…sulking over a failed career…and acting as though anyone gives a damn about what he has to say. Love! <3

  2. Mister D says:

    What is he doing anyway….I haven’t heard anything about him in decades….xx

  3. stephen says:

    Oh I mention him being a Republican because he was being interviewed by a conservative radio host or podcast.

  4. stephen says:

    Yesterday I listened to an interview with Ken Wahl that was done recently. Not sure if you know but he’s one of those “proud Hollywood Republicans” in the vein of Ted Nugent, Bo Derek and Patricia Heaton. Anyway, the rude interviewer asked about Jinxed and working with Bette and KW still has nothing nice to say about that experience. Guess it’s hard for him to move on… They also talk about the quote Ken gave many years ago saying the hardest thing he ever did on film was kissing BM… ugh. Oh well, look at the fabulous career Miss M has had and look at what a dud of a career Ken Wahl had. ’nuff said lol