Bette Tweets: Stand Your Ground, Bobby Blue Bland, And Texas


Bette Midler ‏@BetteMidler
Stevie Wonder refuses to play Florida. Now there’s someone standing his ground.

Bette Midler ‏@BetteMidler
A moment to reflect on the passing of the great Bobby “Blue” Bland in June. I saw him years ago, never forgot it; he was mesmerizing. RIP.

Bette Midler ‏@BetteMidler
Texas slaps women down once more. Big Daddy rules the roost and you better toe the line. Go Wendy!!

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July 17, 2013 4:01 pm

Thanks Bette, I really needed to see — read — hear — feel — this. I think we live in emotive times and they are C H A R G E D to the credit limit. What to do, except pay respects to the dead and live to learn more from the people we all look up to. I am thinking of bunkering hunkering down and writing from my soul’s pit to reach an e pit o me. Epitome……interesting word choice, but in the Bee Gee’s vernacular, ITS ONLY WORDS AND WORDS ARE ALL I HAVE….”to take your heart away.”