BetteBack January 10, 1979: Blackwell names his 10 worst-dressed women of 1978

Elyria Chronicle Telegram
January 10, 1979


LOS ANGELES (AP) – Dolly Parton may be the queen of the country music world but she’s also the world’s worstdressed female personality, according to self-appointed fashion critic Robert Blackwell.

“Too many yards of Doily poured into too few inches of fabric!” was Blackwell’s verdict as he named, Miss Parton the worst-dressed woman of 1978- on Tuesday.

Miss Parton dethroned last year’s designee for worst dressed, Farrah Fawcett-Majors, who in Blackwell’s 19th annual list slipped to fifth place.

SUZANNE SOMERS of ABC-TV’s “Three’s Company,” was ranked second, followed by No. 3 Christina Onassis Kavzov and No. 4 supermodel Cheryl Tiegs.

— No. 2 Miss Somers: “Looks like she was hit by a flash flood!”
— No. 3 Mrs. Kavzov: “Mother Earth is playing Russian roulette with her wardrobe!”
— No. 4 Cheryl Tiegs: “The three T’s — Tiegs, Tacky, Togs … A moulting roadrunner!”
— No. 5 Miss Fawcett-Majors: “Strikes a minor cord in fashion.

NO. 6 QUEEN Noor of Jordan, the former Elizabeth Halaby: “A centerfold for Popular Mechanics!” Blackwell had an explanatory note on the queen: “I mean for a girl to become Queen of Jordan and run around in Levis, anyone with an ounce of taste has to say this is bad.” . . .

— No. 7 singer-actress Olivia Newton-John: “The right .dress in the wrong century!”‘
— No. 8 acting duo Cindy Williams and Penny Marshall of ABC-TV’s “Laverne and Shirley: “Double feature disaster!”
— No 9 singer Linda Ronstadt: “Hits a high note in song, but a low note in fashion!”
— No. 10 singer Bette Midler: “She didn’t go to a rummage sale, she wore it!”

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