Bette Mider And Billy Crystal Talk Comedy, Oscars….

Billy and talk comedy, ‘
December 21st, 2012

and Bette Midler think the Academy Awards could use a good dose of comedy.

The “Parental Guidance” co-stars told that the Oscars should institute a best comedy category.

“I mean, the Golden Globes has it,” Crystal said. “I just think it should be recognized more. There have been some amazing comedic performances that just don’t considered. I mean, I remember Steve Martin in ‘All of Me.’ ”

“What about Eddie Murphy in ‘Nutty Professor?’ I mean, my God!” Midler added. “Who has ever done that? That as amazing!”

In their new comedy, “Parental Guidance,” which hits theaters on December 25, Crystal and Midler play a pair of old-school grandparents looking after their three 21st-century grandchildren.

“It’s about the idea of old school grandparenting vs. new school parenting,” Crystal said. “How does that work? After babysitting my two granddaughters over six days all alone. It was (my wife) Janice and I and the kids, and we were thinking this could really be fun.”

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