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Bette Midler Fans Unite! Ack!
Steve Friess
November 11, 2009

(The Kiss My Ass Award)

Eek! The Bette peeps are pipin’ mad over this week’s Las Vegas Weekly “Strip Sense” column assessing ’s disappointing level of community involvement and less-than-Cher-y level of sales. And AEG tells me Bette sold the most tickets for the Colosseum last year which is kind of cheating since she also had the most shows. Oh well. I stand by my point of view. -sf

Better give the guy a break; he can’t take it: Click Here

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4 Responses to STEVE FRIESS Holds A Grudge

  1. Mister D says:

    Jill I don’t know for sure, but I don’t think so….

  2. Jill says:

    his storyis vile but is there any truth about the wynn deal?

  3. Mister D says:

    LMFAO! You consistently have me in stitches!!!!

  4. It sounds to me like the queen who wrote this drivel didn’t get her way and is pissssed about it. Get over being turned down, Mary. You ain’t nobody.

    And when the hell is Cher going to drag her silicone and stitches to New York City to do a little cleaning? She made a mess out of her last show at Madison Square Garden (You’ll recall it as one of the stops on the third leg of her fourth farewell tour …before going into retirement for a period of time with less patience than an 18 hour bra.) Now I ask, was it really necessary for the good doctor to slap yet another fifty stitches into that old tranny’s head and a couple of bolts into her neck before returning her to us for another 666 years of free roam? Chaz has more talent in her little penis than Cher has in her whole body!