I’m Back!!! Didja Miss Me???? Probably Not. F.U.

(Thanks Katrin)

Mister D:

I just got back from the land of the “loonies” (hey I can’t help what they name their money). Toronto, and absolutely loved it. I met my long time online (8 years?) friend, Cris from Brazil there, and it was all I hoped it would be. She’s beautiful as she is smart and savvy…which is stunning. And of course I was all Cris hoped I would be…but then again her expectations are quite low. But that story is for another day, for it was quite special and I’d like to talk about it.

  • First off, I fucked up my email as soon as I got back. I don’t know what happened, but if you wrote and have not heard from me…well, you won’t. LOL Unless you write again. Anything written before today is gone. Manny, I know I do owe you one, though.
  • Crystal, the answer is Portuguese!!! Now I need to talk to Katrin about dirty phrases in German.

  • One of our BetteHeads, or at least I’m calling him that, Jeff Auer, just got an article published in The Gay and Lesbian Review online about Bette and her early days in the Baths. To check it out: Click Here
  • My long time coming exclusive interview with Bette’s main comedy writer, Eric Kornfeld, has finally reached fruition and I hope to have it posted tomorrow….so make sure to check that out. It’s a “10 questions” type interview, but very interesting.
  • This next item should be a spoiler alert, but if you come to this site, it’s pretty much a spoiler alert unto itself. I’ve been informed that, if all things go accordingly, Bette will be singing “When A Man Loves A Woman” on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno this Friday night on the 20th of June. I know nothing about The View at this time.

That’s it. I’m very glad to be fully back. I may need a few days to acclimate, but I’m still here, dammit!

Love, Mister D

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12 Responses to I’m Back!!! Didja Miss Me???? Probably Not. F.U.

  1. Jamie says:

    Well…in that case, I change my mind…LOLOLOLOL j/k

  2. Katrin says:

    jep 🙂 j/k