Second Thoughts, Ramblings, And A Little PR Levity

Last night I felt kind of pressured from others and myself to post “the big fat, drug-addled idiot’s” contact information since there was so much vileness coming through my mailbox. However, I went through this last year and learned a valuable lesson…press the delete button. It’s better for the soul.

For those of you that feel compelled to voice your opinion, and I think that’s a noble thing to do…all you have to do is type the dude’s name in followed by the word “contact” and just give it a go. You can go through and list every beautiful and positive thing Ms. Midler has ever done for this country and it will fall on deaf ears (literally, I think, since that’s a side effect of oxycontin). The same goes for the folks at Fox. If that makes you feel good, then do it, but I just don’t feel it is productive. They don’t care. These people are on the dole and only on the payroll, if you know what I mean. (Check Out This Cute Site: News Hounds – We Watch FOX So You Don’t Have To)

The best we can do is work to restore some balance to the government by at least taking back the House in 2006. Right now, everything is Republican-controlled…we literally have no voice, so to speak. So get active in your local government to see how you can get a Democrat elected….

And for all the brouhaha…I checked Bette’s pre-order sales on Amazon yesterday and today and they have gone Up, Up, Up…just like the Dan Hicks song she recorded with The Manhattan Transfer…so don’t worry about Bette. She’ll be just fine. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t feel or not hurt, but she’s been at this game a long time and she’s a survivor. She knows that she has tons of support, believe me!

We still need to concentrate on getting help and support to the victims and evacuees of Hurricane Katrina and be prepared to help those who will be facing her sister Hurricane Rita. At least this time, I think the government has learned a much needed lesson and hopefully we’ll be better prepared. Most of my family were effected by Katrina, but I have a few that face this one. Thankfully, they have already left town.

Let’s not let all this Madison Square spin take our minds off what is really important….there are a lot of important questions to be asked of this government. And they will be.

Okay, enough of this…

Anyway, I saw this in Liz Smith’s column and it has to with Cindi Berger, Bette’s publicist…they have a tough job sometimes, ya know…anyway, here’s the piece which made me laugh and it was supposed to…this was at an after-party for Rosie O’Donnell after her premiere in “Fiddler On the Roof” on Broadway:

AND STANDING amidst the revelers, looking as crisp as a head of iceberg lettuce, tanned and adorable Cindi Berger of PMK. Berger had had a hell of a day. Sharon Stone at lunch, Rosie in the evening and at the Garden in-between. At one point her cellphone rang, “Oh, that’s Joe, I want him to tell me how Bette did.” The connection failed. “Arrrghhh! Oh, well, I guess it’s a safe assumption that Bette can perform without help from me.”

Thanks for that Ms. Smith!!!

Love, Mister D

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